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Employee Discrimination Under the California Labor Code

According to the California Labor Code Section 132a, an employer is prohibited by law from discriminating against an employee because of a workplace injury. Many accidents in the workplace cause an employee to be injured in such a way that they cannot return to work for an extended period of time; or they are able to return, but cannot perform at the same level as before their injury. If you have suffered an injury and your employer is threatening to terminate your employment-or they have already done so-know your rights. Hire a Walnut Creek workers' compensation attorney today and fight for justice.

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Forms of Wrongful Termination

Whether you have been already been fired because of your injury, or your employer is threatening to discharge you because of your injury or injury-related disability, they are breaking the law and you have every right to demand compensation. Wrongful termination can also be a result of racial, ethnic, or social discrimination, by an employee's complaint of harassment, or by a worker's "whistleblowing" in order to bring their employer's wrongdoing to light. If your employment has been terminated or you are being threatened with termination because of any of the above, get legal help right away.

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Without representation from a competent attorney, it will be nearly impossible for you to fight for your right to employment and fight the injustice of employee discrimination. Your injury or disability was a result of an accident and you should not pay the consequences for it. Attorney Jonathan Brand is dedicated to fighting for justice and could win you the compensation you need, as well as hold your employer accountable for their discriminating actions. Call today for a consultation.

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Protection for Injured Workers

Termination Due to a Workplace Injury is Unlawful

One of the greatest fears most people have after suffering a workplace injury is the fear of termination. If your injury has made it impossible for you to return to work either temporarily or permanently, you may be afraid of being fired. However, Section 132a. of the California Labor Code declares such action as unlawful. If your employer has discharged or threatened to discharge you as a result of any injury you have sustained, they may be considered guilty of a misdemeanor. With the assistance of a Walnut Creek workers' comp attorney, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them and demand that justice be served.

If you have been injured on the job, don't be afraid of termination. Instead, make sure that you are prepared to defend yourself in case your employer breaks the law. Even if they do not threaten to terminate your employment, they may attempt to minimize the amount of compensation you receive, but you have rights as an employee through the California Labor Code to fight for maximum compensation. Defend those rights today! Contact Brand Peters PC today for counsel and assistance in filing a workers' comp claim.

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With counsel and guidance from attorney Jonathan Brand, your chances of winning maximum compensation for your injuries will be significantly higher. Brand Peters PC could provide the helpful information and skilled representation that you need in case of a workers' comp dispute, or in the even that you have been unlawfully terminated due to an injury.

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