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Many workplace injuries are minor, requiring no more than basic first aid, while other can require more serious treatment, such as broken bones or deep cuts and lacerations. Other injuries can be even more severe, resulting in temporary or permanent impairment. When a person is impaired, they are physically or psychologically altered or damaged, but not in a way that affects their ability to work.

However, should that impairment interfere with their work capacity, it can be classified as a disability. Though a large number of injured workers experience temporary disability that recedes over time, some injuries cause permanent disability.

Compensation for Permanent Disability in California

When an employee is determined to be permanently disabled under AMA guidelines, he or she is eligible for disability benefits. Calculating the amount of disability payments for permanent disability is a very complex process. First, the injured worker must be evaluated by a doctor.

That doctor must then provide a comprehensive report on his or her impairment and provide an impairment rating, or "impairment number." This number must then be entered into a formula to calculate the employee's percentage of impairment. This percentage is then used to determine your weekly compensation in comparison to your weekly wages at the time of the injury.

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