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Returning to Work After a Workplace Accident

If you have suffered a workplace injury and are now returning to your job, don't assume that your workers' compensation benefits will suddenly end. You might still be entitled to workers' compensation, even after you have started working again.

Many workplace injuries result in temporary disability that prevents an employee from returning to their previous position, resulting in loss of wages. Because this disability was caused by a workplace accident outside of the employee's control, he or she could be eligible for wage loss compensation if they return to work at a lesser-paying position.

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As in any other workers' comp situation, employers do their best to minimize the amount of compensation you receive. Legally, if you are temporarily disabled, your employer must cover a percentage of the difference between your previous weekly wages and your current, reduced wages for a designated time or until you are no longer disabled.

Unfortunately, an employer might attempt to convince, trick, or threaten you into accepting less than maximum compensation. Hire a Walnut Creek workers' comp lawyer today to fight for the payment you need to cover your wage loss.

Your income should not be affected by a work-related injury or disability that was caused by someone else.

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