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Rights for California Employees

Injured on the job? You have rights!

Under the California Labor Code §3700, every employer in the state is required to provide workers' compensation to their employees unless he or she denies such compensation at the time it is offered.

As a worker in the state of California, you have every right to file for compensation if you suffer a workplace injury as a result of an accident on the job as long as you have not denied such benefits. Many employers and their insurance may attempt to minimize the amount of compensation you receive in order to save themselves money or to prevent their insurance rates from going up, but you have every right to fight for maximum compensation.

Don't Pay a Dime!

There are also a few things you should watch out for after you have filed a workers' comp claim. First of all, your employer is prohibited by law from having you pay for any portion of your injury-related expenses, or from deducting any amount of your wages to be used as payment for your injuries. It is your employer's responsibility to cover the damage.

Also, if you have filed a claim and received medical treatment, your doctor or other medical professional cannot require payment from you. Once you've filed a claim and your claim has been accepted, your treatment must be covered entirely by your employer.

Should they deny you the compensation you deserve, contact an experienced workers' comp lawyer immediately for aggressive representation in a disputed situation. Contact us today!

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