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Danville Workers' Comp & Personal Injury Attorneys

Get Excellent Legal Representation after an Accident or Injury

If you have suffered personal injury because of an accident caused by someone else, don't settle for less than maximum compensation. By calling Brand Peters PC today, you could hire an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience. Without excellent legal representation on your side, it will be nearly impossible for you to get the payout you need to cover your medical bills and damage repairs, so make sure to speak with a Danville workers' comp and personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Jonathan Brand has the experience and knowledge needed to defend you in any of the following areas:

Workers' Comp Practice Areas

Poor workplace safety is a cause of many accidents and workplace injuries every year. If you are seeking a workers' compensation claim, make sure you have qualified legal counsel so that you fully understand the workers' comp process and can properly file for workers' comp. Brand Peters PC could also assist you in filing an appeal after being denied workers' comp. Perhaps you have visited a qualified medical evaluator and they have determined that you are temporarily disabled or permanently impaired. Make sure you receive adequate compensation for wage loss and that your employer does not wrongfully terminate you because of your injuries.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Brand Peters PC could also fight for you if you have suffered personal injury. One of the most common cases of personal injury is car accidents. Injuries and property damage from these crashes are almost always caused by a liable third party, so make sure that they are held responsible. The firm could also help you win adequate payout for slip and fall accidents and construction site accidents, which are also common causes of serious and catastrophic injuries.

Hire a Workers' Comp & Personal Injury Lawyer in Danville

Whether you are seeking a workers' comp or a personal injury claim, call Brand Peters PC today. He could assist you in determining which claim is best for you, or provide you with experience representation in a crossover case. Few attorneys have the strategy and skill to handle both a personal injury and a workers' comp case at once, but he is proud to say that he could settle a crossover case so that one claim does not affect the other. Call now for more information.

Get the compensation you deserve! Contact a workers' comp and personal injury attorney from the firm right away.

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