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Credit Rights in Crossover Cases

In certain workplace injury situations, an injured employee may be able to maximize the amount of compensation he or she receives by pursuing both a workers' compensation claim and a personal injury claim. These cases are known as crossover cases and have a unique and strategic process. Without the representation of a Walnut Creek personal injury attorney with a detailed understanding these factors, an injured worker could lose a portion of their overall compensation.

The Importance of Strategy in a Crossover Case

When you choose to pursue a crossover case, it is very important that each of your cases is settled in a timely manner relative to the other. Should your personal injury case be settled before your workers' compensation case, your insurance company could attempt to use the credit (the amount recovered) as a deductible for your workers' compensation settlement, reducing the overall amount that you win between your two cases.

However, this credit is duly yours and you have every right to fight for it. By hiring a skilled attorney with the knowledge to strategically handle your cases, you could win maximum payout for your personal injury case without it affecting the amount of workers' comp you receive. Learn more by contacting Brand Peters PC today!

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Crossover cases are not common and there are few lawyers in your area with the knowledge, skill and experience to handle them. Fortunately, our attorneys have handled personal injury and workers' compensation cases for a combined 60 years and know the strategies required for settling crossover cases. One of our attorneys can skillfully handle both your cases so that settlement from one cannot be applied to the other.

After suffering an accident injury, you deserve full compensation from your employer as well as any liable third parties. Contact a personal injury attorney today and fight for your rightful payment.