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What Does Permanent Impairment Mean?

Basically defined, impairment is when a person's physical or psychological health, structure, and/or function is changed or damaged. Workplace injuries are an example of impairment in that they cause a person physical, psychological, or emotional damage, which is sometimes permanent. However, such impairment may not necessarily affect the person's ability to perform their required duties in the workplace.

How is Disability Different from Permanent Impairment?

Disability, on the other hand, is defined as a person's incapacity to perform their job, usually due to an injury or other form of impairment. Disability is a result of impairment, but impairment does not always result in disability. It is also important to note that impairment can be permanent or temporary, and there is also permanent and temporary disability.

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Even if you are still able to work, permanent impairment can have a negative effect on your life. Permanent impairment is attained when a person reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), which is a physical level of stability that is unlikely change significantly within the following year. It can be difficult to obtain compensation in such situations, but with qualified advice and representation from a Walnut Creek workers' compensation lawyer, you could fight for compensation payments.

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