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Workers' Comp: Medical Treatment & Bills

Walnut Creek Workers' Comp Lawyer

After a severe workplace injury, most injured employees have no choice but to visit a doctor and receive medical treatment, even if he or she cannot afford to cover the costs. However, the employee may feel confident that the bills will be paid for through a workers' compensation claim. This may be true, but it is also an unfortunate fact that employers are reluctant to offer full coverage. The more workers' comp they give out, the higher their own insurance rates become, which impacts their profit rates. As a result, they may try to trick you into accepting minimum compensation, but you have every right to fight for the payout you need.

What is covered under workers' compensation?

If you have been involved in a workplace accident, educate yourself on your employee's rights. You should not have to pay a dime if you are not liable for your injuries. It is also your right to get medical treatment even when you can't afford it, as hospitals and doctors are prohibited by law from refusing to care for a patient who cannot pay. Any liens they may attempt to place against you should be transferred to the responsible party as soon as liability is proven. So, if you have filed for workers' comp and the insurance company denied your claim, call Brand Peters PC today for assistance in filing an appeal. You should never be forced to pay for medical care or repairs related to a workplace accident.

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