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The Panel QME Process

The Purpose of a Panel QME

Medical-legal reports are highly depended upon by insurance companies in order to determine how much workers' compensation should be granted to an injured employee. However, it is common for the employee to be dissatisfied with the report provided by their treating physician. In cases like this, there are still options for obtaining a more satisfactory evaluation. Through a panel QME, the injured worker can choose one physician from a list of three qualified doctors provided by the Division of Workers' Compensation 's (DWC) Medical Unit.

By choosing to use a QME panel, the employee has the chance of obtaining a second, unbiased opinion from a doctor in the proper medical field for his or her injury. However, panel QMEs can be handled differently depending on whether or not the injured worker has legal representation. If no lawyer is involved, the employee must choose a qualified medical evaluator (QME) or the insurance company will choose one for them; but if an attorney is representing the worker, there are two available options.

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Processes for Represented QME Panels

The first option is a strike panel QME, where one party's attorney eliminates a doctor from the list and then the opponent's lawyer does the same. This leaves the injured worker with the name of one remaining doctor with whom they will schedule their appointment. The second option is an agreed panel QME, where both sides agree on one of the three listed doctors. If an injured employee has an experienced Walnut Creek workers' comp attorney on their side, their chances of choosing a beneficial QME will be significantly higher.

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If you need to choose a physician from a QME panel, call Brand Peters PC. Workplace injuries can have a devastating effect on your life and unless your physician provides an accurate evaluation of your injury, you may not receive adequate compensation. Attorneys Jonathan Brand and Cole Peters could help you choose an excellent doctor from a QME panel and fight for the payout you deserve.

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