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Thousands of workers' compensation claims are filed every year due to workplace injuries sustained by employees who are on the job. Although most of these injury claims are valid, many of them may still be denied by employers. There are a number of reasons why employers may choose to deny a compensation claim, so if you have been injured at work, learn what these reasons are-as well as what your employee's rights are-so that you can have the best chance of filing a successful workers' comp claim.

Reasons for Workers' Comp Denials

One of the main reasons a claim is denied is because it was filed late. After a workplace injury, an employee must report their injury to their employer immediately. Oftentimes, when an injury is reported more than 30 days after the accident occurred, the employee's claim may be denied. Employers also tend to be wary of the validity of employees' claims out of concern that he or she may be trying to "work the system" and gain payment for a phony injury, or gain more compensation than they need. If you have been injured, immediate and straightforward communication with your employer could help secure their trust.

Your claim could also be denied simply because your employer does not want to handle the extra expense. Granting workers' comp can cause an employer's insurance rates to rise, so they may attempt to deny your claim or offer you minimal compensation. You should not accept either. If your claim has been denied, you may be able to file an appeal. Find out more by consulting with a Walnut Creek workers' comp lawyer as soon as possible.

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At Brand Peters PC, a workers' comp lawyer could aggressively represent you in case your workers' comp claim has been denied. As seasoned lawyers with 60 years of combined experience our workers' comp lawyers could build a strong case proving the validity of your claim. With skilled legal assistance, you could fight for the compensation you need.

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Filing a Workers' Comp Appeal

In many cases, an employer may be hesitant to accept a workers' compensation claim. Injured employees are often denied workers' comp by employers who are trying to save money or who do not believe the claim to be valid, but he or she still has an employee's right to fight for compensation. Even after a denial, there are legal options available to obtain payment for workplace injuries, the most common of which is to file an appeal with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).

What is the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board?

When there is a dispute over a workers' compensation claim between an employer and an injured worker, the case is brought before the WCAB for review. The first step in the appeals process is when the employee files a petition for reconsideration. If the claim is denied, the decision can be appealed to the California Court of Appeal, and then to the California Supreme Court if denied once again. If you are seeking to appeal your claim denial before the WCAB, don't do so without proper legal representation. A Walnut Creek workers' comp attorney could give you excellent legal advice and guide you as to what steps you should take.

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