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Personal Injury Liens in California

Understanding Medical Liens in Personal Injury Cases

When a person is injured in an accident, he or she may need to receive medical treatment, even if their insurance does not cover it. So who pays the bill? It is illegal for hospitals and medical providers to refuse to treat a patient simply because he or she cannot pay, but they do have every right to pursue payment from a liable party. Once the liable party is determined-whether it be the injured person or a third party-the hospital or health care provider can place a lien against that party, demanding payment from them.

In basic terms, a "lien" is the legal right of one party to secure payment for a debt from another party. For hospitals, doctors, and health care providers, they usually place these liens against the person who received the medical care. However, if the person is pursuing a personal injury claim, the hospital or health care provider is required to cooperate with the accident victim in pursuing a liable third party. Once liability is determined, the lien can be placed against that party and the accident victim is not held responsible.

Problems can arise however, if a liable third party cannot be proven. If you have been injured and received medical care, don't get stuck with the debt. Consult with a Walnut Creek personal injury lawyer today to raise your chances of winning your case and having the lien placed on the party responsible for your injury.

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