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When a person is involved in an accident of any kind, the resulting personal injury can have a damaging effect on the rest of the victim's life. If the accident occurred in a workplace, the victim may think that a workers' compensation claim will cover all their workplace injury expenses. However, employers often try to prevent their own insurance rates from rising by attempting to minimize the amount of compensation an injured employee receives.

Some employers may even wrongfully terminate an injured worker because of temporary impairment, or because of a temporary or permanent disability. There is protection for injured workers, however, and an Oakland workers' compensation lawyer from Brand Peters PC could assist you in maneuvering the workers' comp process and in properly filing for workers' comp.

Attorney Jonathan Brand is also experienced in other personal injury cases, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and construction site accidents. Many of these cases can also be considered workers' comp situations, which may make it difficult for an injury victim to decide which claim to pursue. Sometimes, the best decision is to pursue both through a crossover case, which Brand Peters PC is capable of handling. You may have also suffered property damage in your accident. This should also be covered by the liable party, so speak with a lawyer as soon as possible

Workers' Comp & Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland, CA

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