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Workers' Compensation Tips

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Workers' compensation claims can be extremely confusing and difficult without a proper understanding of California's related laws and procedures. At Brand Peters PC, a Walnut Creek workers' comp lawyer will understand the stress and uncertainty you are experiencing after your workplace injury and wants nothing more than to answer your questions and help you fight for the payout you deserve.

To help get you started, read below for some basic tips about the workers' compensation process. Then call attorney Jonathan Brand to learn how he could provide you with the legal representation you need.

Helpful Tips from a Walnut Creek Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you file a workers' compensation claim in California:

  • Educate yourself - Do you know the difference between temporary and permanent disability and their benefits? Do you know what to do if your workers' comp is denied? Do you know what types of settlements you could choose from? You should know the answers to each of these questions, so study up and learn how to fight for the compensation you deserve.

  • Complete everything on time - If you delay in reporting an injury or filing a claim with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, you could lose out on collecting maximum compensation.

  • Keep track of your expenses - Your employer's insurance may deny you coverage for expenses that are not documented through receipts, bills, or doctor's notes.

  • Know your rights - You have rights as an employee to demand compensation. However, make sure that you're eligible and that you choose the best option for your injury or illness.

  • Hire a lawyer - Only an experienced and trained attorney will have the detailed knowledge and skill to win you the compensation you deserve, as well as provide you with quality counsel and guidance.

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