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Compensation for Wage Loss

Temporary Disability Benefits

Many workplace injuries cause an employee to be temporarily disabled. This means that, though the employee may be able to return to work, he or she cannot perform at the same level they were at before the injury. As a result, the worker suffers loss of wages because of their lower position. This can have a harsh effect on the employee's income, especially after having suffered an injury.

However, with assistance from an experienced workers' comp attorney, he or she could fight for compensation not only for their injuries, but to cover a portion of their lost wages, as well.

The Difference between Workers' Comp and Disability Benefits

In California, injured workers are entitled not only to workers' compensation, but to disability insurance benefits, as well. Whereas workers' comp covers their medical treatment, disability insurance covers any wages they may lose as a result of temporary disability. In such cases, the amount of the payments is a percentage of the difference between the injured workers' previous weekly wages and their current, reduced wages. These payments are made for a designated time period, or until the employee is no longer considered disabled. However, if the employee's disability is ever determined to be permanent, they no longer qualify for temporary disability.

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