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Numerous workplace injuries can be classified as temporary disabilities. A slip and fall accident could result in a broken bone, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injury that makes it impossible for the injured employee to return to their job for a period of time. This is an example of a temporary disability and, when such an accident occurs, the worker must take certain steps to file for the right kind of workers' compensation.

Temporary Partial and Temporary Total Disability

There are two different types of temporary disability in the state of California. The first is temporary partial disability (TPD), which occurs when an injured worker is able to return to work, but to a lower position that pays less than their previous one. Payment for TPD is one-third of the difference between their previous weekly wages and their new, lower wages.

The other type of temporary disability available is temporary total disability (TTD), which occurs when an employee is injured in such a way that they cannot return to work in any capacity for a period of time. Payment for TTD is two-thirds of the injured employee's wages. TTD can have a "waiting period" before payments are available, so be sure to speak with a qualified Walnut Creek workers' comp lawyer to determine which disability option is best for you and steps you must take to obtain proper compensation.

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