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Qualified Medical Evaluations

What is a QME?

A qualified medical evaluator, or QME, is a physician who is specially qualified to provide medical-legal evaluations of a worker's job-related injuries. When an employee is involved in an accident on the job, their workplace injury could fall under a number of different categories that require different compensation.

If you have been injured and need to determine which QME to visit under your workers' compensation benefits, contact our experienced workers' comp lawyer as soon as possible.

Different Kinds of QME Injury Evaluations

QMEs are trained to evaluate a number of different injury situations. Some of the more difficult injuries to evaluate are injuries to the psyche. When a person is emotionally traumatized by an event such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, a workplace robbery, etc., the necessary compensation can be difficult to determine.

This is another reason why it is vital to have a competent workers' comp lawyer on your side. Other QME-evaluated injuries include head injuries, spine injuries, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety caused by workplace injuries. With their special training, a QME is supposed to provide a fair and unbiased assessment of your injury and help you determine exactly what your compensation should be.

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Brand Peters PC could help you decide which QME is right for you. Without qualified legal counsel, you may end up choosing a QME who will assess your injury in a way that offers you less compensation than you deserve. Avoid this with assistance from Brand Peters PC.

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