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Case Results

Worker Struck by Tree Trunk

Head and neck injury as a result of being hit by a tree trunk.

Obtained lifetime benefits totaling $2,399,198.00.

$1,388,304.12 in past medical paid. The total value of benefits obtained $3,787,502.00


Fall on the Job

Sheet metal worker falls on the job site, suffers back, neck, and knee injuries. Offered $1.5 million but, after a 3-week jury trial, was rewarded $2,626,750, which included costs related to past and present medical bills, pain, and suffering, and lost earnings capability.


Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident

Rear-end motor vehicle accident with minor property damage. Complications from an epidural. Case resolved prior to trial for $750,000.


Slip & Fall at Work

Slip and fall at work resulting in back surgery. Total benefits paid for medical, disability and future medical over $500,000.00



Workers’ Compensation case settlement for chronic pain.


Car Wreck on the Job

Back surgery from on the job car wreck results in a settlement of $417,000.


Slip & Fall Injury

Slip and Fall with hip injury settled for $300,000.00


Neck Injury

Neck injury from van door failure. Settlement of $225,000.00


Rear-End Accident

Van rear-ended with minor property damage. Verdict of $192,000.00


Rear-End Collision

A large car rear-ended by a small car with very little property damage. Verdict of $50,000.00


Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery case. $2,796,023.00 obtained for medical, temporary disability, permanent disability. Lifelong benefits obtained.


Drunk Driver Collision

Motorcycle collision with drunk driver results in a $750,000.00 settlement.


Seat Belt Injury

Hip injury from a seat belt - $500,000.00


Tractor Accident on the Job

Tractor accident results in a serious leg injury. $500,000.00 obtained for an undocumented worker. Insurance coverage and employment disputed.


Failed Back Surgery

Settlement for failed back surgery in workers’ compensation case.


Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident

Rear-end motor vehicle accident with low property damage settled for a combined (third party and under-insured coverage).


Head Injury

Salesman injured on the showroom floor by defective signage and suffered a head injury. Personal injury case settled for $250,000.00.


Valley Fever Contraction

Truck driver contracts valley fever. Settlement for over $210,000.00 with open medical for life.



Personal injury settlement for facet mediated pain.



Workers’ Compensation case with failed back surgery. Medical awarded for life.

Awarded 100% Disability