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Construction Site Safety Tips

Brand Peters LLP April 21, 2020

If you’ve ever been on a construction worksite, you know how dangerous it can be. However, there are certain measures you can take to help keep yourself safe from construction workplace hazards.

Read on to learn how you can keep yourself safe on a construction worksite.

Stay Safe as a Construction Worker

  1. Become familiar with inherent fall hazards on the worksite. It is unwise to work in an area in which fall protection systems have not been installed. You should inspect personal fall arrest systems prior to each use so that you know they’re working properly and aren’t damaged.

  2. Always wear your hard hat when working near scaffolds. Wearing your hard hat will protect you in the event something falls from above. In addition, wear your sturdiest, non-skid work boots as well as tool lanyards in order to prevent slipping and falling and for the protection of the workers below you. Never work on scaffolding coated in ice, water, or mud. Never go over the maximum load when you work on scaffolds. Never leave anything on the scaffold when your shift comes to an end. Don’t climb scaffolding anywhere other than the designated access points. Always have tools hoisted up to you once you’ve climbed the scaffold.

  3. Support yourself with three points of contact while going up and down ladders. That means you should always have both feet on the ladder and at least one hand. Make sure the top of the ladder extends three feet above the work surface. In addition, never haul ladders above their rated capacity, including your weight, your materials, and your tools.

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